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Tips For Your Move

Here are a few last minute tips that could help you out the final touches on your move plans.  If it is your first time moving, or you have not moved in a while, you may not realize that you cannot just put China plates in a box with no padding between the items. 


Packing Yourself or Packed by Company​:

If you are packing yourself, it is imperative that you pack your valuables carefully in bubble wrap. This helps to prevent the possibility of the item being damaged. If at all possible, for those "priceless" items, it is best for you to carry those items inside of the vehicle that you will be traveling in. If you are being packed by a professional company, make sure that you tell the packers the items that you want in specific areas, or the items that you wish to take with you in your vehicle.

    Preparing for Load

Make sure that your items have been labeled for the rooms that they will need to be placed. If there are extra items that will need to be placed in storage, make sure that those items go on first, or last, especially if your storage location is in a different location than where your functional items will be moved to.

    Preparing for Unload

All residents should make sure to know the layout of their storage facility, or their product drop off location. This helps the delivery of your items move seamlessly. It is always best for the property owner to be available during the unload. One person should remain at the moving truck to make sure that the movers know which rooms the items will be going into, and the other person inside the home telling the movers where your items should be placed inside of that room.

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